With Neva 2 8mm, one of the cameras from my collection of vintage cameras

About me

I am a concept artist, game designer and animator stationed in San Francisco, California.

After graduating with B.A. in Animation from Sheridan College in Canada, I have worked in film and gaming. I have worked in mobile, social and PC gaming at Kongregate, Playfish, EA/ Maxis (Sims and Sim IP) and Microsoft in different parts of the world, including London, New York, Toronto, Seattle and now, San Francisco.

Apart from painting, drawing and sketching, I enjoy 35mm and 120mm photography. During my travels, I've been able to expand my collection of retro cameras. I also like to listen to history podcasts, invent new and play existing video games, and learn new things.


"Humpty Dumpty", Official Selection, KLIK! Animation Festival, Amsterdam 

"Humpty Dumpty", Winner, Toronto International Film Festival

"Cousin Tony", Teletoon Scholarship Recipient, Ottawa International Film Festival

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